Impressions Pt. 1

"The first impression is always the right one" How many times have we heard that sentence?
I think it's not always true, and I'll tell you why.
When I was a kid I saw for the first time this TV show called Iron Chef America, which is a culinary game show.
I realized that cooking was an art, and, since I'm an artist, I've always been one, I decided to become a chef.
I talked about it with my father and he told me "that's great! You can work in hotel Finisterra in Cabo San Lucas I know a lot of people there" and obviously I got really excited. Then I talked about it to my mother. I told her "Mom, I want to be a chef, as in Iron Chef" and she told me "Do you? Let's see what you can do" She made me not only help her in the kitchen but also to cook things by myself. I didn't like it at all. I mean, I can cook but that is not my thing, so I gave up the idea of becoming a chef. My first impression of cooking was not the right one.
I grew up, and since I discarded the chef-ideas I needed to pick another career. In that moment I was about to graduate from high school and I needed to decide quickly. So took a look at the majors offered by Tecnológico de Monterrey and chose the one that sounded the most impressive: Digital Systems and Robotics Engineering. Wow. So I signed up for that major. In my very first semester I took this class called "Digital Systems" and I was asked to build a clock only with chips. It was a very difficult task, I did a lot of research trying to understand how to do it and finally I made it ! I was so proud of myself because it worked. Afterwards, In my third semester I took the second "Digital Systems" class which was "Advanced Digital Systems" and my final project was to build a white cane, the one that is for blind people, with sensors and a speaker, that way the person was able to detect things 50 centimeters away from them through a sound. My cane was actually tested by a friend that is visually impaired and he loved it, he said "I would definitely buy it". In that moment I discovered three things, the first one: I love my major, embedded systems is my thing, the second one: it was the beginning of a career in which I was going to be able to build things that would transcend, currently I'm working on aviation, in embedded systems and I'm aware, and proud, why not?, that the things I developed are going to fly twenty years from now and the testing I'm performing will ensure people's safety and the third one: my first impression was the right one. Despite the large amount of hours of suffering because school is not easy, let's be honest, all my efforts were consolidated to contribute with things for humans safety in regards of flying.
In conclusion, the first impression is not always the right one but if you follow your instinct and your heart you will have the certainty that you are doing the right thing.


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